The rules are simple:

Sign up and choose your rewards

Choose the challenge of your liking, together with your reward (medal, shirt or both). Train through out traningplan and run your race on our Race Day or on our Race Week.

Send us your race results

After the Race, you can send a screenshot from your app or running watch so we can deliver your Race package! A week before the race we will inform you on how to send your results.

Share your race day

Share your raceday experience/photos on our Facebook community or your Instagram with #GoRunner and tag us through @gorun.events

Race Day:

Depending on which distance you have planned for this race, train well for it and make a special day of this Virtual Run. Don’t make it feel like just another training. Put your Race bib on, wear special colors if you feel like it or tell your family to participate in making an awesome finish line for you!

Receiving Medal/Shirt/Tanktop:

The medals and shirts will only be sent after finishing the race! Make sure you send us your race results/photos on time through the link sent to you after registration.

When you receive your medal and/or shirt, please make sure to take a picture wearing them proudly, post it on our community or hashtag us on your socials!

Social Media Community:

Join us through our Facebook community to share your trainings and race plans. Connect with other runners from your area to give it an extra feeling on race day. When your government relaxes the conditions around Corona, you could even connect and run with more people if possible.

Just imagine running with all contesters on the same time in different countries all around the globe. How about that type of unity! Make every Race a race to remember!

Sign up and get your medal & shirt!