Frequently Asked Questions

When you sign up through our portal, you will receive a confirmation within minutes from us by email. After that, within 1 to 3 days, you will receive an email wit hall information needed towards your challenge, like your training schedule and your Race Bib. Also, you will receive a link to our community on Facebook to be able to connect and unite with the rest of the runners for our challenges. 

 Let the fun begins! 

 If you haven’t received any email, please contact us through so we can make sure your registration is in order. 

Since this is a virtual race, you have a lot of freedom to pursue your running goal. Depending on your signed-up distance and of course fitness level, you can work through our given training schedule and get ready to run the race of your dreams knowing that we are all cheering for you from different countries. 

Our rules are simple: sign up on time (see our closing time on the website). We run together from a distance on our race day or run on a day within the race week.

You can run at your own pace and space and at the time that suits you the most. Just make sure you record your race through an app or by your running watch. Also make sure to make awesome pictures while running or just before the start or at your own finish line. We would love to see the man/woman or even kid behind the printscreen of the results.

Have fun with it, make it a race to remember and let your family/friends join you in this adventure, of course with safe distance when needed. 

Our medals and shirts are of high quality, like the real deal you get after running a “physical” race. We work together with a great company that produces great quality medals of metal and running shirts that will be of use for a long time. Also we pride ourselves of our exclusive designs made by a special designer with a focus of creating amazing shirts that will be worn with lots of pride for many miles. 

With that being said, only when you finish your race and send us your results (print screen of your used app/running watch with pictures of your running day), will we be able to send you your finisher medal and/or running shirt. We don’t want to be another virtual race company that just sells medals or shirts, we want you to challenge yourself and be committed tot he distance you set your mind to. So train for the event, run it and enjoy the experiment with us and truly earn these exclusive
medals & shirts. 

If for any reason you can’t participate on this race anymore, please make sure you make your cancelation through email within 14 days of registration for a full refund. After these 14 days, we won’t be able to make a refund due to the costs we already made. However, we can work this out by finding a different solution if there is no other way around it. 

Please contact us to see how we can help you. Contact us through

We will ship your finisher’s shirt & medal within a week or 2 after race week. We deliver worldwide. Please realize that sometimes the shipping may take longer than used to due to unforeseen circumstances.

We are located in Amsterdam, Holland, Europe and will ship from there.

When running changed our lives for the better, it became a part of us for many years now. Now more than ever, we realize the importance of this sport to our community, wherever that may be. 

After cancelation of all races and after losing our jobs we decided to create an opportunity for all of us. We started Go Run Events to give people from around the world the feeling of unity and a goal to finish the trainings or even start as a beginner due to this crazy time, and to give to the community through donations. 

Go Run Events has been set up by runners and for runners.

Your personal information will only be used for our own administration. We will not abuse your privacy for any other aspect than Go Run Events.

 The pictures sent after the race could be used at our socials. If you rather not have your photos featured on our socials, please contact us so we won’t use them against your will.

Yes! We are planning to host around 4 to 6 events a year. We will not oversaturate this concept though. We hope to host special races with a beautiful meaning or challenge behind it. And one day, we plan on organizing a physical race!

Depending on the time of registration and our limit to run before the end of raceweek, you should consider these important matters:

5K race – 8 weeks training – beginner level
10K race – 8 weeks training – beginner level
16K/10M – 10 weeks training – beginner to intermediate level 
Half Marathon – 12 weeks training – beginner to intermediate level
Marathon – 14 weeks training – intermediate level

 Note: these are estimations, we are no doctors and we don’t know your health level. When in doubt please contact your doctor for appropriate advice.

Since we all are in this together, we have to make sure we stay safe at all times. Different measures have been taken in different countries/regions. Please make sure you don’t harm yourself or others. We are not responsible for your own behavior. 

We hope for as many contesters as possible from around the world. How beautiful would it be if we could donate a high amount of money to the foundation we choose for every race. 

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Sign up now! Run solo, run with your best friend, run with your family,
run with whoever you want 
and be part of this Community!

Sign up to one of our challenges and let’s run the world!

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Sign up now! Run solo, run with your best friend, run with your family,
run with whoever you want 
and be part of this Community!

Sign up to one of our challenges and let's run the world!